Super Hammy's New Adventures

Target Ages: 5 - 7
Word Count: 110 - 220 words per story

Super Hammy’s New Adventure is the second part of Super Hammy Reading Series. It’s a collection of 15 books about Super Hammy’s latest escapades with his friends. These F&P levelled books are ideal for individual reading, guided reading, and early literacy intervention programs.

Level 4
D1=Super Hammy Can’t Find His Hat
D2=Super Hammy Meets Baby Hammy
D3=Super Hammy Runs A Big Race
D4=Super Hammy and Donna Dog Dance
D5=Super Hammy Goes Camping
Level 5
E1=Super Hammy and the Big Mess
E2=Super Hammy Loses His Red Ball
E3=Super Hammy and the Monster Cheesecake
E4=Super Hammy and the Seagull
E5=Super Hammy Has a Pizza Party revised
Level 6
F1=Super Hammy and the Sharks
E2=Super Hammy Has a New Friend
F3=Super Hammy Goes Sledding
F4=Super Hammy Flies to the Moon
F5=Super Hammy and Bad Cat's Christmasa

About the Author

Oksanna Crawley is a retired kindergarten and Reading Recovery™ teacher with 25 years teaching experience in Canadian schools. In addition to the Super Hammy reading series, she has written and illustrated a children’s hockey story, “So, You Be Keon and I’ll Be Mahovlich”, about Toronto Maple Leafs legend, Bill Barilko.

Prior to beginning a career in education, she worked as a radio journalist and newscaster. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto. She is passionate about helping children learn to read.