Best Reading Phonics - Long Vowels

Study Time

30 minutes / day, 16 weeks


6 - 8

Word Count

140 - 200 words per story

Best Reading Long Vowels is the second half of the Best Reading Phonics Program.
The 16 engaging stories, comprehensive Teacher Guide, and interactive online activities (with printable hands-on material) provide a solid foundation for 6-8 yr olds to enjoy success and start their reading journey with confidence!

After the letters are learned, the lesson goes on to read the book. Full read aloud is provided in natural voices by professional Canadian voice specialists. Highlighting specific words will activate the phonetic reading mode.



After obtaining a B.A. in English from Loyola College and a Teaching Degree with a specialty in Early Childhood Education from the University of Manitoba, Cathy Jackson taught in Toronto while completing Primary Specialist qualifications from the University of Toronto. After two years teaching in Scotland and Wales, she spent 27 years teaching kindergarten to grade five in Ottawa while completing a B.Ed. and Special Education Specialist from the University of Ottawa.

When Cathy noticed the lack of resources that captured her students’ attention and provided stepping-stones for growth, she decided to create her own short stories to teach a few letter-sounds and sight words at a time. Best Reading! Phonics began as photocopies on folded papers to which students could add words, continue the stories as they coloured, and keep them at home. Jackson’s students’ enthusiasm prompted her to continue writing and eventually publish her reading program so all young readers can build a strong reading foundation.